Research in equine nutrition

Our objective

To help companies of equine nutrition in their research and development process by offering studies under real conditions of use.


Experimental trials

EQUI-TEST develops and carries out study protocols aimed at quantifying the impact of functional ingredients on the metabolism of the exercise horse such as trace elements, plant extracts, proteins, fatty acids, pre – or probiotics.

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EQUI-TEST, through its experience in equine micronutrition and phytotherapy participates in the formulation of food supplements intended for sporting horses or for breeding.

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Bibliographic watch and literature review

EQUI-TEST allows you to outsource certain R&D missions such as bibliographic monitoring or the drafting of summaries relating to sports physiology, nutrition or equine pathologies.

You are an equine nutrition company and you want to test your innovations in the field ?

They witness

Efficiency is the qualifier I think of for veterinarian Claire Leleu and Equi-Test. For several years now, I have trusted it for our R&D tests and proofs of concept of the Royal Horse brand. By working with Equi-Test, we were able to see its know-how in terms of experimental protocol and information processing. All of this is a real added value in carrying out our experiments as well as in understanding how our innovative concepts work. Equi-Test is a real asset in our nutrition innovation strategy.

We have been working with the company Equi-Test for several years in the context of R&D projects. Doctor Claire Leleu brings us her know-how and her experience as well in the design as in the realization of the studies we carry out. We appreciate both his professionalism and the good humor in which our collaboration takes place.

Professionalism, Expertise, Responsiveness, Force of proposal, Availability and Simplicity of contacts. This is all that leads Phileo to trust Equi-Test for a few years and to still want to undertake new ideas and innovative solutions. Never change a winning team !