Training in equine sport physiology

Our objective

Our objective is to train the actors of the equine sector in the science of equine training on a theoretical and practical level.


Discussed subjects

The training in physiology of equine exercise covers the particularities of the athlete horse, the possible physiological measurements on the track as well as their analysis. Finally, practical training applications are presented.


Initial training

EQUI-TEST has been involved for over 10 years in the training of apprentices in the racing world. In addition to theoretical lessons, students attend practical demonstrations in the field.


Continuing education

EQUI-TEST offers training days for professionals in the horse industry such as:
– Riders and trainers wishing to set up a medical and sports follow-up within their stable.
– Veterinarians wishing to develop training follow-up services within their clientele,
– Industrial partners (nutrition, equipment) wishing to improve their physiology skills.


Research training

EQUI-TEST welcomes students from the BTSPA / agro / veto sectors as part of their end-of-study internship. EQUI-TEST experiments are the basis of thesis work, internship reports and end of study dissertations.

They witness

I worked at Equi-Test during my final thesis in agricultural engineering. The study, commissioned by Agrial, focused on the supply of innovative antioxidants in a concentrate for racehorses. Thanks to Claire, I was able to consolidate my scientific skills and discover the racing environment that I did not know at all. Claire is rich in scientific knowledge, conducts her studies with great rigor and also knows how to spend time explaining "the basics" to her trainees. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere! Our collaboration confirmed my professional project. I am developing complementary animal feed today and it is no coincidence!

Thanks to the rigorous and very practical training modules of EQUI-TEST, our clinic has really progressed in terms of the diagnosis of race horse non-performance.

12 years of partnership with Equi-Test and Claire Leleu, for training for professional baccalaureate and BTS. An approach to training and the interests of exercise tests as beneficial for young people as for horses. Very technical training that adapts to each audience.

My internship at Equi-Test was a very rewarding experience which allowed me to develop my knowledge in equine physiology, but also to acquire skills in applied research both in the implementation of a protocol and in data processing. Claire made me discover her job with passion and I keep in mind all her precious advice to lead and develop my future projects !