Evaluation of innovative technologies

The use of new technologies in the equine environment requires prior validation steps to ensure the reliability of collected data. These validations are based on the comparison of data from these new tools with those obtained by reference techniques.

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Blood lactates analyser in exercising horses

Intense exercise drastically increases the blood viscosity in equines. Portable analyzers developed for human use must therefore be validated with equine blood in order to guarantee the reliability of the results. EKF’s lactate scout, which has hematocrit correction technology, has been subjected to a validation test against the benchmark technique used in hospitals.


ECG function of Polar Team Pro technology

The study of cardiac variability at rest using a new heart rate monitor such as the Polar Team Pro requires verifying the reliability of the RR signal compared to a reference technique: the Televet 100. The objective of this study is to compare the variables obtained by the two methods on rest recordings in 3 trotting horses.


Measurement of continuous blood glucose in resting horses

Developed for humans, new connected tools allow biological data such as glycemia (blood sugar level) to be monitored in real time and without blood sampling. The objective of this preliminary study is to test the feasibility and the performance of a glycemic monitoring patch in resting horses.

You are a manufacturer of equine equipments, you want to validate and test your innovations in the field

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Equi-Test is a strategic partner for WAOOK. His expertise in exercise physiology notably enabled us to validate the creation of lactic profiles. His feedback from field tests also allowed us to validate the ease of use of our user interface as well as the stability of our solution.

EKF Diagnostics is pleased to support EQUI-TEST within the Equine sports market in France. The EKF Diagnostics Lactate Scout 4 device allows Equine Professionals to provide a rapid lactate measurement in the field to help ascertain the fitness of the horse. The Lactate Scout 4 is available as part of the service that Claire Leleu provides from Equi-Test, France.