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Development of innovative systems

Training equipment has long hampered its development in professional circles. The advent of new technologies is revolutionizing data access. However, these new tools must meet four essential criteria : reliability of the data, simplicity of use, usefulness of the analyzes provided and economic accessibility. These are the fundamentals that constantly guide EQUI-TEST in the development of innovative systems.

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Waook Tracker

Waook Tracker is a free iPhone application allowing you to view the horse’s speed and heart rate during exercise. It precisely describes the intensity of the work and automatically calculates a training index at the end of the session.


Waook Training Live

Waook Training is an application for iPad allowing to visualize in real time the training information: speed and heart rate of the Waook Tracker. They are visible whether you are at the edge of the track or thousands of km away. The horse’s level of fatigue can be assessed directly, a decisive element in accident prevention.


Waook Training Replay

Waook Training also allows you to store and read back training information, thus making total training load traceability possible. The monitoring of the metabolic parameters of each horse over several years of training is summarized.


Waook Advanced

Waook Advanced is a functionality allowing to characterize each horse on a metabolic level. By integrating blood lactate data, the application automatically calculates variables of interest. Working with a heart rate monitor then becomes possible.

Are you a trainer or rider looking for an efficient physiological monitoring system ?